3 Aerial Yoga Classes for $60

Learn about the benefits of flight and yoga with UP aerial yoga in downtown Silver Spring. Now save when you buy a 3 pack of classes!

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Changing lives through healing, wellness and adventure

Yoga Classes at UP


With over 28 yoga classes a week in many forms of yoga, UP healing, wellness and adventure has something for everyone. Take a look at what the UP yoga community has to offer.

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UP Yoga Classes and Workshops

Yoga Classes and Workshops

The power and serenity of yoga are found and practiced at UP. With over 28 yoga classes offered in Silver Spring, MD every week, you’ll always find one to fit your mood, your practice, and your schedule. Our yoga classes are rooted in respected, profound traditions that nurture holistic physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We provide challenging classes for beginners or advanced students daily.


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UP Healing and Wellness

Healing and Wellness

At UP we believe healing and wellness are essential to being satisfied with your life. Nurturing your body through healthy foods, self-care practices and positive relationships with yourself and others are all ways to experience healing and wellness. Take advantage of our classes, workshops and other offerings and begin your journey into wholeness.


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UP Adventure

UP Adventure

UP Adventure runs on the idea of connecting people with themselves and the natural world around us. We believe that in each one of us there is a side that yearns for nature and adventure. We believe that great healing can come from time spent in the outdoors whether in Rock Creek Park or in the Shenandoah National Park. UP Adventure will bring you rock climbing, hiking and water excursions. Check out what we have to offer.


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UP Membership Benefits

At UP we believe in the importance of making yoga, wellness and fitness accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve made our yoga pricing for classes and monthly memberships affordable and available to all. We look forward to seeing you in class soon and having you become a part of the UP community. Our goal is to provide yoga to all and we hope our pricing meets your needs.


Explore healing and wellness with UP

Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Wellness, Adventure and Community in Silver Spring, MD

Come see, feel and breathe the amazing community we are growing in downtown Silver Spring. With 25+ yoga classes a week, one of only a few aerial yoga studios in Washington, DC, an adventurous outdoor program and an amazing team of leaders, you can see how this is a space you’d want to spend time in.

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