be prepared when you hit the mountain

Alpine and Expedition Training 

Hit the mountain at ready to climb and enjoy your alpine experience

We train you in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Lengthy trips to distant mountain ranges frequently with the goal of climbing a substantial high-altitude summit demand specific skills and training. A big climbing team, complex logistics, and the requirement for substantial camps high on the mountain create exceptional challenges, equally mental and physical. UP Adventure Expedition and Alpine Training courses ensure that climbers are prepared to meet these challenges.

Alpine Training Course

  • Roped glacier movement, rope team administration, route finding, and crevasse navigation
  • Crevasse rescue methods and situations
  • Snow climbing, ice axe positioning, and moving in balance
  • Snow and ice anchor choice, building, and equalization
  • Ice climbing and crampon usage methods
  • Fixed line climbing
  • Belaying, rappelling, and rope organization
  • Navigation using maps, compasses, and altimeters (taught by National Geographic head geographer)
  • Winter camp building, camp administration, and cold climate camping methods and skills
  • Hazard calculation including discussion of objective vs. subjective hazards, assessment of avalanche danger, crevasse fall, rock and ice fall dangers
  • Proper clothing and equipment for survival in the glacial environment, mountain weather, alpine ecology, efficient and self-dependent climbing techniques, and Leave No Trace ethics