Topo Expeditions

Our partner Topo Expeditions was established with a unique intention– to provide rewarding and enriching experiences for their clients in diverse natural environments worldwide, without compromise to professionalism, community, environmental sustainability and risk management. They consider each of these attributes essential to their overall direction and impact. Topo Expeditions is a complete experience that positively affects everyone involved.

Topo Expeditions is meant to be different. Clients feel involved, well taken care of and part of the experience. This sense of involvement starts from the moment a client inquires about an experience with them through its completion and beyond. We encourage this engagement and we appreciate it.

UP is proud to offer several upcoming expeditions and excursions from Topo Expeditions.

Need To Train Prior Your Climb?

UP offers extensive training to get you ready for your climbing goal. Work with UP’s certified mountain guides here in DC prior to stepping on a plane. We offer cardio training, gear selection and packing training, mountain skills such as crevasse rescue and glacier travel and custom programs that fit your particular needs. Contact us here for more information.