Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, comments or concerns?

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to practice yoga in our space and in our community. You can find answers to frequently asked questions here, but if there is something we haven’t answered, you can reach us here Contact Us.

I have never done Yoga before, can I still come to a Yoga class at UP?

Of course! At some point we had all ‘never done Yoga before’. Just let us know you are new to Yoga and we can suggest the best classes, the right teachers and give you our studio tour to make you feel right at home.

Where do I park?

Where to Park

  • Street parking (metered) in front of the building.
  • Street parking (metered) adjacent to the building on Sligo Avenue.
  • Public Parking Lot 18 - 938 Philadelphia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Fenton Street Village Garage - 8100 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Open parking lot (free) at the intersection of Sligo Ave and Grove Road. (Former Police Station at 801 Sligo Avenue.


Do I need to register for class?

It is not necessary for you to preregister in order to attend our classes; we encourage drop-ins and have a competitive drop-in rate. Low attendance may result in a class being canceled however so, in order to assure the class takes place, it is best to preregister. We encourage all our members to do this.

Should I eat before class?

We advise that you do not eat for at least an hour before class and then make sure the meal is light/a snack. Once you develop your Yoga practice you’ll understand why – if you practice regularly you already know! It can be very uncomfortable to practice Yoga on a full stomach regardless of the pace and style of class. We want you to enjoy your experience.

What should I bring to class?

We have Yoga mats and props for our students to use, however if you prefer to bring your own mat, blanket or block to class please do.

What should I wear to class?

Anything comfortable, loose fitting and with a relatively loose waistband is good to practice Yoga in. For our more restorative styles of Yoga class we suggest you layer up to avoid getting too cold, for the more active classes wear something you can move well in.

Do I need to have a Yoga mat?

No, we have free mats but do bring your own if you’d prefer.

Is there a place for my belongings while I practice?

UP has cubbies for shoes, valuables, jackets etc and there will always be a member of staff at the front desk to keep a watchful eye. However UP cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your personal possessions so if you prefer, you may take your items into the studio - but please make sure your cell phone is off.

If I come straight from work is there a place to change?

Yes, we have large bathrooms with ample space to change from work clothes to Yoga clothes.

What if I am late for class?

UP’s late comer policy is in place to avoid disturbance to the class already in progress and to prevent potential injury through lack of warming up your body. If you know you are going to more than ten minutes late to class please call the studio to cancel and reschedule to another time.

What if I get held up and need to cancel class at short notice?

You can call the studio as soon as you know you are not going to be able to make your class and we will change your registration status, help you register for a later class if there is one, or provide a refund if possible.

Can I wear my shoes and socks in the Yoga studios?

We ask that you remove your shoes before you enter either of our studios to keep the floors clean enough to practice on and to honor our Yoga philosophy. Regular socks, while somewhat slippery in a fast paced Yoga class, might be a necessary part of your relaxation poses toward the end of class, especially if you have a tendency towards cold feet, so take them into the studio if you wish.

I’m pregnant, can I still do Yoga?

Currently there isn’t a Prenatal Yoga class on the UP schedule however with clearance from your OBGYN you are welcome to practice in any class that meets your level of practice. Please inform the teacher who will provide you with modifications if necessary or alternate poses for those not suitable during certain trimesters.

What’s the cell phone policy?

Unless you are an expectant Father or first responder – in which case put your phone on vibrate and face down near your mat - we ask you turn your cell phone off and leave it with your personal belongings.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.