Wilderness First Aid

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Wilderness First Aid

UP Adventure and our partner Backcountry Pulse’s courses are engaging, hands-on and instructed to the latest evidence-based practices in wilderness medicine. Our curriculum forces students to think creatively, adapt to ever changing situations, and learn valuable leadership, decision making and commutation skills. Our instructors are downright fun wilderness medicine professionals and skilled outdoor educators with years of experience working remote, complex rescues and guiding groups in dynamic environments.

wilderness first aid (wfa) description:

As a certified WFA you will have the skills to anticipate risks and hazards, identify medical, traumatic, environmental problems, recognize life-threatening issues, initiate basic care and deliver a cohesive report. This 16-24 hour Wilderness First Aid course can be held over 2-3 days. Wilderness First Aid courses are best for individuals traveling with friends or family in front-country outdoor recreation settings, outdoor instructors working secondarily to a outdoor professional of higher medical training, or a leader of single day trips or camps located where local Emergency Medical Services or Search and Rescue agencies can access in a timely manner.

wilderness first aid (wfa) overview:

  • Prevention of potential problems, rescuer, patient and bystander safety.

  • Preforming a basic physical exam, identifying abnormalities and life-threatening problems, obtaining vital signs, patient history, and writing and verbalizing a report for a walk-out evacuation or hand-off.

  • Treatment and stabilization of emergencies, improvising splints, bleeding and wound control, management of heat and cold illnesses, hydration problems, drownings, lighting injuries, spinal cord protection, basic patient lifts and rolls.

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and special considerations for the wilderness, Epinephrine administration, and first aid kit planning for specific activities and needs.

certifications awarded after course participation, written and practical examination:

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Adult/Child CPR

  • Epinephrine Training

re-certification information:

  • All certifications listed above are valid for two years.

  • Wilderness First Aid can be re-certified by taking Wilderness First Aid within the two year period.

  • All courses are nationally recognized and have reciprocity among other wilderness medicine education companies.

  • All Backcountry Pulse programs are taught to the current internationally accepted wilderness medicine guidelines and are continually updated to reflect the latest evidence-based practices.

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