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Mat Yoga Memberships

UP mat yoga memberships offer the best pricing and most options for our community. Below you will find the various membership options and benefits.

Aerial Yoga Pricing

Come fly with UP! Below are our pricing options for aerial yoga classes.

Full Purchase Discount Yoga Pricing

Save money by purchasing a full year of UP Yoga, Aerial Yoga or both!

More Information and Benefits

  • 12 Month UP Yoga members receive 1 free Aerial Yoga class every month
  • 12 Month UP Yoga members auto-renew
  • Rewards! 1 month free for every new 12 month referred new member
  • 10% discount at our UP Studio Boutique
  • 10% off Aerial Yoga, private yoga, UP Adventure and UP yoga workshops
  • These offers cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions

UP12 can be paused up to 30 days/per 12 months with a $10.00 pause fee.

Enjoy one free Aerial Yoga class each month with your membership

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let the UP community do the talking!

“Erin McNamara’s yoga classes are not your average yoga class.  First, there’s the music.  It’s actual music, carefully curated to set the tone of each class.  Don’t misunderstand-I love me some Ommmmm chanting.  Erin’s music, however, took my practice to a completely different (better) place. Rather than being distracting, it allowed me to shut down the mind chatter and let my body take over. “ME” became quiet.   The music is just the beginning, however.  Erin’s classes are demanding and exacting, yet it is always clear that our bodies are what we need to tune into.  There is no sense of “doing it wrong”, or failure if I have to take a break sometimes.  There is always a modification given for those that need/want it.  The emphasis is on each individual student, without competition or an attitude of boot camp, as I have found in so, practices.  This is a yoga practice I can follow and stick with.”

Carol Clayton

Carol Clayton Photography

“Dave and Erin are passionate, involved community members with a fervor for yoga, wellness and adventure.  It’s been a privilege to study yoga alongside Erin and watch UP come together from a mere idea into the glorious space it now occupies.  I look forward to everything these two and the rest of their team will bring to this burgeoning region of our great community.”

Mike Mowery

CEO, Outerloop Management

“Erin is amazing. As a climber I wanted yoga that would both challenge and strengthen me and Erin’s practice did just that. Hands down the absolute best yoga classes I’ve ever experienced, in fact I won’t go anywhere else after practicing with her. I left every single class feeling refreshed, stronger, and more in tune with my body and surroundings, and I was never once bored, which had been a problem for me in classes with other teachers. Erin even helped me work through debilitating sciatica (when even my doctor had no solutions) and injuries as they came up, which as anyone active knows, is bound to happen from time to time. She offers so much more than just a one off yoga class. Her practice is restorative, engaging, conditioning, and healing. I am grateful to have been exposed to yoga in such a transformative way. Thank you so much Erin and UP!!!”

Eliddia Mader

Rock Climber

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