What’s UP?

UP is a wellness and yoga studio in downtown Silver Spring, MD that is focused on changing lives through healing, wellness and adventure. We offer classes, workshops and individual sessions in various modalities such as yoga, aerial yoga, fitness, meditation, and nutrition. We also offer outdoor adventure classes and trips that include hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing.

UP Studio Offerings


Come Practice at UP

Our yoga classes offer students a variety of ways to practice. Whether it be a morning class to begin your day with a gentle yet inspiring practice, a challenging rocket sequence, a vinyasa class set to hip hop music or a yin and nidra practice you will find the class that meets you where you are. Whether you’re a beginner or you have a more advanced practice, we have something for you. Come join us and see for yourself all the benefits that yoga has to offer.


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Aerial Yoga

Release your inner gymnast

Whether you’re a new student or an experienced yogi, this class will increase strength, flexibility and gratify your sense of adventure. Practice aerial yoga to disobey gravity, lengthen your spine and play in a safe exhilarating way. Aerial yoga expands the benefits of asana practice by using the support of a suspended hip-height hammock, also known as a “silk”. In this class, students will securely explore a practice of both elevation and foundation to increase flexibility, strength and improve physical alignment. Enjoy the ease of inversions and healthier backbends while stimulating your mind and adding a little enthusiasm to your day.


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Aerial Yoga in Silver Spring
UP Adventure

UP Adventure

You don’t know unless you go

At UP we believe that adventure can come in many forms and activities. Rock climbing at Great Falls National Park, hiking in the Shenandoah through waterfalls, stand up paddleboarding with meditation and yoga thrown in or backcountry snowshoeing where the only footsteps you see are yours are some of the adventures UP offers.


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UP Daily Yoga and Aerial Yoga Class Schedule