Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is an exhilarating, challenging and transformative way to practice traditional yoga.


We hope to restart regular classes in early May 2021

Happiness is UP – Healing, Wellness, Adventure getting their silks for aerial yoga. Going to make this a regular part of my workout routine.

Kim P.

UP Client

Aerial Yoga

Come Fly with UP

Whether you’re a new student or an experienced yogi, this class will increase strength, flexibility and gratify your sense of adventure. Practice aerial yoga to disobey gravity, lengthen your spine and play in a safe exhilarating way. Aerial yoga expands the benefits of asana practice by using the support of a suspended hip-height hammock, also known as a “silk”. In this class, students will securely explore a practice of both elevation and foundation to increase flexibility, strength and improve physical alignment. Enjoy the ease of inversions and healthier backbends while stimulating your mind and adding a little enthusiasm to your day. Come experience UP Aerial Yoga in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

I really loved this class! I was a little nervous, but wanted to challenge myself with something different. It truly is all levels, and I was happy to see a diverse range of body types and ability levels in the class.

Kate M.

UP Community Member

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga Classes

Beginner/Level I (required for those new to aerial yoga)

Students will learn where to place the fabric for maximum comfort, support and compression benefits. Aerial inversions will be covered step by step and with spotting if necessary. Time spent upside down will be brief for each occurrence to build up tolerance. This class will also reinforce the benefits of feeling heaviness in the fabric so students gain proprioceptive awareness of feeling grounded while flying. All safety elements will be reinforced for beginners or those needing a refresher.
*Appropriate for all levels.

Level I/II: Aerial Yoga

This class will allow students to move through the wraps in an alignment-focused, breath-based, slow flow. Students will reap the benefits of inversions without compression in the cervical spine or compensating tension in the supporting musculature. The hammock will facilitate complete surrender in a safe and supported way, which brings about new benefits of traditional yoga postures and allows the mind to find the space to become more aware and present. This practice will allow students to feel deeply grounded with the support of the hammock in balancing postures and float and extend more effortlessly in inversions and backbends without risk of injury. It’s the perfect balance of effort and ease!
*Appropriate for those who have taken the beginner’s class

Level I/II: Aerial Yoga Conditioning

Enliven your breath, extend your reach, strengthen your grip, and expand your mind as you push past the regular force of gravity and discover you are calmly afloat. Through repetitions to the rhythm of the breath, students will build power, stretch endurance, and create space inside every part of their body. A silk hammock is heavily incorporated in these classes as a prop, allowing students to explore the sensations in their bodies differently, through suspension and support, which greatly shifts perspective in inversions, single leg work, and muscle activation of the upper body. Decompression of the spine and extreme comfort for deep relaxation resets the nervous system, leaving students simultaneously calmer and more alert.

Seasoned aerial yogis will find this class challenging and prepare them for more intricate inversions and weaving. Regular mat practitioners will easily translate knowledge between the mat and hammock, enhancing all yoga experience. This class is also great for rock climbers, runners, weightlifters, dancers, athletes, and weekend warriors, as it increases strength, flexibility, and mobility at all joints, enhancing performance at all levels.



Restorative Aerial and Sound Bath

Join us on this journey through the body and mind as you are guided to a place of deep cleansing, where you can connect to and experience the vital wholeness of your being. Release layers of stress and debris with healing Restorative asanas supported by aerial hammocks all while surrounded by a carefully crafted live sound scape including Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Healing Bowls and Symphonic Gong. We will close our practice together with a delicious Sound Bath Savasana while cradled in hammocks.

More Aerial workshops are coming your way!

Private and Group Aerial Yoga

We offer individual and group private aerial yoga sessions. Please contact the studio at for availability and pricing.


Aerial Yoga Cancelation Policy

Please note that due to limited space, we require 24 hour cancelation notice for all aerial classes and workshops. We often have waiting lists and canceling allows our other customers the ability to enter a full class. You will be charged $25 for a late cancelation (or a class will be deducted from your pack if you have one) for all aerial classes and you will be charged the cost of the aerial workshop for a late cancelation. Thank you for your understanding.