Energy Healing Workshop to Balance the Chakras

With Ashley Erickson


The chakras are energetic centers that are located within the subtle body. According to Anodea Judith, known as the “Chakra Guru”, each chakra has their own distinct energetic qualities and characteristics. An unbalanced chakra will influence your entire energy system. It can lead to problems in relationships or they can manifest internally through illness, troubling emotions, or limiting beliefs. 


This workshop will be a seven-week experience and each week we will focus on one chakra. Each session I will discuss into further detail about the chakra we will be working with. We will then dive in with a chakra pranayama followed by a yoga practice to distribute energy into places that may be blocked or stagnant. We will finish strong with a meditation with optional journaling afterwards. This will take place outdoors in the beautiful gardens of Mrs. K’s Tollhouse, located in Silver Spring, right off of Colesville Rd. 


I invite you to join me for this seven-week integrative experience, or you can pick and choose which session(s) to attend based on the chakra that resonates with you. Below I have included a timeline and a brief description of each chakra. 


  • Week 1 (Sun 9-13-2020) – Root Chakra – Grounding, Stability, Survival
  • Week 2 (Sun 9-20-2020) – Sacral Chakra – Emotions, Pleasure, Fluidity
  • Week 3 (Sun 9-27-2020) – Solar Plexus – Power, Will, Energy
  • Week 4 (Sun 10-04-2020) – Heart Chakra – Compassion, Love, Expansion
  • Week 5 (Sun 10-11-2020) – Throat Chakra – Communication, Truth, Creative Self-Expression
  • Week 6 (Sun 10-18-2020) – Third Eye Chakra – Intuition, Wisdom, Vision
  • Week 7 (Sun 10-25-2020) – Crown Chakra – Universal Consciousness, Thought


I am looking forward to sharing this and connecting with you all on a deeper level. 




Root Chakra Workshop

The root chakra is the foundation of the energy system and our physical structure. The element is earth. The areas of focus include: the spine, legs, feet, and bones. When balanced, we gain a sense of physical harmony, stability, and safety. Expect a root chakra pranayama followed by a yoga practice that will focus on physical awareness, surrendering to gravity and stillness, and most importantly, feeling grounded. We will finish our time together with a root chakra meditation. 

Sacral Chakra Workshop

The sacral chakra element is water. The areas of focus include: the sacrum, hips, pelvic region, and the seat. It is centered around principles of fluidity, movement, creativity, and intimacy. Energy (prana) runs through the body through currents (nadis). We have our own unique way of feeling and perceiving our internal energy. This ties in with our emotions. As humans, we are so quick to find ways to distract and numb ourselves to unpleasant emotions and sensations. When we block emotion, energy gets stuck and our bodies become stiff and rigid. The action of this chakra is to feel. For this workshop, we will begin with a sacral chakra pranayama aiming to draw our senses inward. Our yoga practice will focus on connecting movement to our breath. This will be more of a vinyasa style practice aimed to trigger the free flow of energy which will prepare us to go with the flow of life so we can tackle uncertainties with grace. We will finish off with a sacral chakra meditation. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop

The solar plexus is our power center. The element is fire. The area of focus is in the abdomen, above the navel and below the ribcage. Here, we harness our will power. It is the action of doing and the courage to take risks in order to gain success. It is the ability to burn through obstacles. When a goal is met, it boosts our self-esteem. Directing our energy this way becomes our source of power. We will begin with the solar plexus pranayama breath of fire to spark our inner flame. Our yoga practice will focus on detoxifying twists and core stability. We will finish our time off together with a solar plexus meditation. 

Heart Chakra Workshop

The heart chakra is our center of compassion. The element is air which ties in to our breath. The areas of focus are the chest region, the lungs, and the space between the shoulder blades. A balanced heart chakra brings joy, radiance, and compassion. We must soften and create space for our hearts to open. In this workshop, we will practice presence and the simple state of being. With that being said, our yoga practice will focus on slowing down and the breath. Expect delicious heart openers and backbends. We will close our practice with a soothing pranayama and a heart chakra meditation.

Throat Chakra Workshop

The throat chakra is our center of communication. The element is sound. The areas of focus are the throat, mouth, ears, and shoulders. It is our right to be heard. It is also the ability to listen. A balanced throat chakra connects us to our true, authentic selves. It’s where we project our emotions and intentions into words which create meaning. That is what allows us to connect with others. In this workshop, we will tap into our own creative identities, express ourselves freely, and connect to our truth. We will be connecting to the vibrational element of sound with pranayama and chanting. We will use our yoga practice to listen to and connect with our bodies so we can walk away from this experience in tune with our innate truth. We will end with a throat chakra mantra meditation. 

Third Eye Chakra Workshop

The third eye chakra is our command center. The element is light. It is located in the space behind our eyebrows. It represents seeing and how we perceive our reality. How we perceive our reality is a reflection of our consciousness. Did you know that we can choose how we see the world around us? As humans, negative thinking is an unconscious habit as it’s a mechanism for survival. However, when we concentrate on appreciating the good, then we are able to shift and command our perspective and our entire experience. In this workshop, we will begin with a third eye chakra pranayama to let in the light. The theme of our yoga practice will be our drishti, the sanskrit word for gaze. We will practice concentration, balance, and stilling the mind to prepare ourselves for a deeper level of meditation. 

Crown Chakra Workshop

The elements of the crown chakra are consciousness and thought. The purpose of this chakra is to connect to our universal identity outside of the human experience. We often attach ourselves to limiting beliefs that prevent us from awakening our innermost state of being. The goal is to reach a level of consciousness where we are able to identify outdated beliefs that limit us so that we can upgrade them to new ways of thinking. We will begin with a crown chakra pranayama aimed at cleaning the slate of the mind in order to achieve a greater sense of awareness. When we create space inside ourselves, we gain clarity. We begin to realize that there is no separation between our internal and external worlds. Things that used to cause us to react are no longer significant. We gain a deeper connection to grace and universality. For the yoga asana portion of this workshop, we will climb up the chakra ladder, aligning each one so we can open up the crown chakra. This will feed into our mantra meditation to call in the creative consciousness of the crown chakra.