Come Flow with Us

At UP we truly believe that not only is yoga a physical practice, but a healing one.


Various Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes offer students a variety of ways to practice. Whether it be a morning class to begin your day with a gentle yet inspiring practice, a challenging rocket sequence, a vinyasa class set to h ip hop music or a yin and nidra practice you will find the class that meets you where you are. Whether you’re a beginner or you have a more advanced practice, we have something for you. Come join us and see for yourself all the benefits that yoga has to offer.

A Welcoming Community

We hope that everyone that walks through our doors finds a warm environment, a space for self-exploration, a place to challenge yourself and a way to find your inner home.

Teachers Who Are Here For You

UP teachers are here for you and to help you meet your goals whether they be physical, emotional or even spiritual. We are proud of our teachers and what the passion they come with. We hope you’ll find a connection with the teachers we have chosen to guide you in your practice.



UP Yoga

Ready to join us for a yoga class?

With over 30 yoga classes every week, we are sure UP will have a class just right for you!